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Damodar Tent City

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Welcome to Damodar Tent city

Saputara 'a bode of serpents' is a will resort on a plateau of the Sahyadri Range that offers amazing views and a pleasant climate year around. Althought there are few places of real interest in the town. It offers an excellent base from which to explore the district with its vibrant communities and rich wild life. Saputara is also a relaxing stopover for people traveling by road from Gujarat to Maharastra there is a Rs 20 Tax for for entry into town by private vehicle.

The Dangs is District from the rest of Gujarat. Dominated by an indigenous tribal population, it is situated on the border of Maharastra. and local culture has significant maratha influences. This is northern extremity of the Western Ghats. Also known as the sahyadris, which stretch 1600km from the mouth of the river Tapi to the southern tip of India.

Western Ghats are among the important boidiversity hostspot of india, and therefore, the Dangs is an important area for conservation. It has many native species, and also host the leopard, hyena, jungle cat, Cobra, python and chameleon.

Winter is the best time to visit the Dangs, since water is often in short supply in Summer, for those particularly interested in the broad spectrum at wild life in this district, the monsoon is a good time to visit, Although we have highlighted Saputara, Waghai, and Ahwa are also good hubs for navigating. The district, which's best done by private vehicle.