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Panch Mahautsav

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Welcome to Panch Maha Utsav

Pavagadh, the beautiful hillock of south Aravalli range, standing grandiloquent in the plain, is consisting of five plateaus. Legend is that the highest Plateau Kalikamata is a place where Right Toe of Sati Parvati was fallen and became place of Shakti worship. Also it is believed to be revered place as it was abode of Rajarshi Vishwamitra and Pavagarh hill was God’s bestowal to Sage Vishwamitra to protect his famous cow Kamdhenu.

Deep blue sky with white clouds on enticing lush green hills, misty waterfall, it is not only mesmerized peoples with its natural beauty but amazed with its rich biodiversity. It is place of ethereal beauty and tranquility. At dusk, when crepuscular light fading with chirping of birds in dense forest of foothills, clinking of bells and euphony of Aarti of Goddess Kali from atop induces to eternal bliss and exuberance.

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